Checkweighing scale ABD

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Compact checkweighing scale



  • Backlight LCD display.
  • Digits of 23 mm.
  • ABs housing.
  • Stainless steel pan.
  • Pan size: 250 mm (width) x 215 mm.
  • IP44 protection.
  • Bubble level.
  • Adjustable feet in height.
  • Unit 1 to choose: off, kg, t and g;
    Unit 2 to choose: off, lb, lboz.
    Unit 3 to choose: off, Taiwan Jin, CA or VISS.
  • Power supply with adaptor AC/DC 230-240VAc 50Hz.
  • Internal battery. 160 hours approx. battery life without backlighting (without illumination).
  • Programmable gravity.
  • Unique range, multi-range or multi-interval.
  • Auto switch off programmable.


  • Accumulation
  • Piece counting
  • Zero
  • Hold 4 modes: deactivate, filter for animals, peak value, stable weight and stable weigh with auto cancel in zero.
  • Checkweighing function visual and alarm signals
  • Three speeds of AD converter (high, medium and low)
  • Gross/Net
  • Tare