Software Weight-Price

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Main Features:

  • Management of different scales models configurable setup
  • Management of different printer models configurable from setup
  • Integrated management of items, customers, lot, price, packaging and reasons
  • Traceability and storage all the weights with possible aliby-memory management on the weight terminal for the scheme approval
  • Packing-list for dates filters, article, customer on a local or network printer
  • Export packing list in pdf, word doc, excel
  • Multi-station to operate in a network on one database
  • Label printing with a thermal transfer printer or an office laser printer
  • Possibility of adding a laser reader for the automatic retrieval of the article/order
  • Possibility to use different types of databases: Access, SQL Server, Oracle, etc.
  • Customizable for any need
  • Possibility of supply of the label creation package so the customer will become autonomous to generate all the formats and print the templates that he prefers